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Name:Mr. vincentius rudy [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:0819803143
Phone Number:081938289536/0819803143
Address:jln rungkut kidul industri 64
surabaya 14456, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:May. 31, 2012
Last Updated:Jun. 10, 2012
Business Nature:Trade of Automobile category

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Our PT accu prosperous shops engaged in the battery / battery meyuplai accu variety of new and used car batteries and we are also providing local and imported batteries. sepedah any motorcycle batteries we also provide and complete. Our complete with car tipe2 standat samapai modified car. European mobil2 accu we also provide. sekomplitnya complete in our stores
We also provide a good quality ups batteries for battery and signal pemacar ship and lain2 we provide. prove it .........

We also accept your used batteries at a high price. mobli batteries and the batteries used motor.

for the price we give a very low price of our kompetiter. warranty and we also provide the best for our costemer our delivery issues in Surabaya are available to take you to places which accu destination outside the city and also to our jug ready to deliver to the destination
we are ready to stone any where and anytime.

for more information and also would like to bid and purchase as well we provide our contact
no phone. 0819803143/ 081938289536
and also e-mail us. nila_rahmawatiii@ yahoo.com / rudi.stmj @ yahoo.com

we wait you in our blog and also our contact e-mail waiting for you.
kunjunggi our stores
we are ready to help you

Major Products / Services
  • ACCU bekas
    kami dari toko accu di sby membeli accu bekas anda
    dengan harga tinggi.
    untuk penjualan accu bekas banyak kami tambah harga
    jual anda.bukitkan kami siap melayani ada..
    untuk antar dan pengambilan accu bekas kami bisa
    menantar dan membantu anda dalam berbisnis dengan toko kami
  • ACCU
    - ACCU = Menjual berbagai macam aki Kendaraan/ aki alat berat, aki Genset, aki forklif, aki UPS, aki mainan anak, aki kapal, aki Solar sel, battery industri dengan berbagai macam Type & Merk yang berkualitas & bergaransi. Selain itu kami juga menerima/ membeli Aki bekas/ rusak anda dengan harga yang tinggi.

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